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Unbiased live market commentary & analysis

Vieira challenges Jim the best stock analyst on the web. Truth vs. corruption behind Wall Street games.

Jim a stock guru has a long record investing in the markets. He predicted Bear Stearns collapse but unfortunately he was misunderstood by most.

Jim has a Master’s in computer science. He is the author of best-sellers in technical & fundamental analysis.

Vieira challenges Jim to show him the money by sharing powerful techniques and tips on today’s markets.

The stock market game explained

Unbiased live commentary available on video on demand. Powerful stock market analysis discussing myths, Wall Street hype and how to profit from it.

Get ready to change your perspective about the stock market knowing more about the role of each market participant.

On Jim’s daily show stock analysts upgrades and downgrades are dissected. What’s behind them and the eternal game pumping and dumping stocks.

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results based on actual events

Watch the video to know about a story based on actual events explained on the daily show.

We offer the best live stock market commentary on the web.

Daily show commentator explained the game played on Qhioo 360 to attendees helping everyone to make a home run.

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It’s damn fun! Help one to make better use of God’s gift, our brain, and to raise funds for Jim who got cancer after Bear Stearns collapse.

Which is Jim last name?

Crumer. He’s Spanish and was born in Figueres,  Salvador’s Dali town.