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Free preview

View the free preview on the player before renting. Certain videos offer free content up to 40 minutes long.

Premium video content

These are special items included in certain annual plans. Choose premium video on the top menu.

Which is the best plan

Our most popular program is the guru plan. It is upon to each individual to decide which is the best plan for him.

Which topics are discussed

Watch the free preview on the video. It depends on your subscription plan. From stock forecasts, trading instructions, trading course, advanced lessons, tips and live streaming! Learn how to use the site


Videos without single price

If a video does not have a single price it is included in a monthly or annual subscription – see details on the pay wall before renting. Know more.

Live trading support

Know more about the tremendous value by having live support on this case study based on actual events.

Transactions & invoices

Login to your inPlayer account here. Watch 1 minute demo on how to manage your account. You get an invoice by email. No contracts!

Payment annual subscriptions

Payment for 1 year access by wire transfer only. Pay here. Thereafter get a voucher valid for the subscription period.

Payment & recurring transactions

You can pay by Palpal, credit card or wire transfer. Recurring transactions is available to facilitate, but you may cancel anytime.

Refunds & cancellation

Refunds not available since free preview is available for testing. Read our refund policy.

Technically Speaking


Use Safari on Mac OS or IE on Windows 8. It has been tested on iOS (iPad and iPhone) as well as Android. Preferably, use high speed internet.

Licence & paywall

You may change devices but content cannot be played at the same time. Your IP address is recorded. For pay wall support watch this 1 minute demo.

Other Questions

Profits & losses

Vieira expresses his own opinion. Profit it is not a guarantee and losses may happen. Read our disclaimer and terms of service.

How to find most videos

Refer to this video. Use the top menu searching for items. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to know about new items.

Paid support

Register for a free account. Upon registration it is required installation of apps on mobile devices or a browser on desktops.

Free support

Free support it is available for registered users only at support center . Therein, a list of FAQ is also available.