Stock Picks for Short Sellers 1 million shares. Zero Risk. Zero Losses. Zero Competition.  Live recorded by the world’s best stock trader.

This video on demand lesson includes five stocks Vieira has been short recommending a minimum of 1 million shares. Today in the morning he addressed some of these opportunities in a live streaming session.

Vieira has shared some of these stock picks with billionaire investors.

This is the last investment lesson as video on demand to guru plan subscribers before 2016 version of the service is released during the next 30 days.

Know more about how to make $100 million in  the markets guaranteed – uncanny stock forecasts that never failed in history.

Several months ago Vieira announced on the Blog prizes for Keurig Green Mountain Coffee short sellers – get a FREE DJ Inspire 1 latest model.

To receive the device please contact us.

Note:  Vieira Trading practices a fair upgrade policy: it is required a new plan to upgrade to the any of the 2016 VOD + Live Streaming plans since there are clients making an average profit of $200,000 monthly.

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Nikolay S

Nikolay S

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Nikolay S
Nikolay S
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